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a collection for women 2018

"The human being is an animal who has received the vocation to become God" - Basil of Caesera

this collection represents the integration of the two traditionally male archetypes of "demi-god" (half god - half man) and "overman" (man's potential to become god) into a strictly female form. Combining the past of ancient Greek Heracles and Achilles with the futuristic musings of Nietzsche in today's woman. She embraces all the attributes which were traditionally meant to describe the highest form of man-kind in herself. The result is an elegant, ambitious, sleek and futuristic collection.


The dualism of the demi-god and over-man is continued in the visual story telling of the outfits that are made of two building blocks - marble and animal print. The architecturally structured marble is made of pvc sheets that have been glued on neoprene - sleek and cold on the outside whilst soft on the inside, to represent the marble statues of ancient greek demigods. also each outfit in the collection has it's own totem animal to bring a specific animalistic strength to the wearer, who in return gets the impulse to overcome.

creative directoion, fashion design, hair & make-up by  BORAM GABRIELĖ

Photography by Justina Tulaitė

Models: Ieva Vilutytė & Deimantė Valasinavičiūtė


an appetite for freedom, sharp intelligence and nocturnal creativity



physical strength, confidence, reserved grace and female power



mood board - collage


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